Giant Adventure - The Secret of Sizon by hiddenwriter

Eons ago, the titan Minus rebelled against the other goddesses, and to this day, her tiny descendants feel the effects.

Heavy /size/ themes follow...

Tags: shrinking, giantess, macro, micro, handplay, insertion, vore, feet

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Release 2:
The game has now doubled (!) in word count. It's now 26k words with 175 little twine passage squares. That's a lot!
- The farm quest is now complete! It's extremely long, and has a very detailed entrapment sequence that covers 3 days of being "trained"
- Beginnings of a new church area added (one interaction)
- One new patron has entered the Shy Mouse Tavern
- With this update, I've tried to add some things that aren't feet focused, please do tell me how I did

Release 1:
This game is currently pretty hefty, with two fully fleshed out areas (tavern, market, as well as a WIP farm) and a fully working stat system. There are currently 13 different deaths, and even more near-deaths and other unfortunate situations. Each encounter is fully fleshed out and unique, find em' all!

REMEMBER TO SAVE. Some deaths are unavailable after certain things have been cleared. Some places are unavailable after you've left them.
Review by Khesstan
23 Mar 2020
I am really impressed!
I have played so many textadventures in the last 3 years and urs is one of the best. I enjoyed the story, i loved the characters and i am more than interested in what u have planned for the future :D

I just want to say thank you for this great game and please keep going!

Review by ckkc1
18 Feb 2020
I really enjoy this game, both in concept and in practice. The farmer sisters are great, and the whole 'training regimen' idea is creative and can potentially lead to a lot of different possibilities; since Piper is reluctant about some of the more severe violations of the MC's privacy and dignity, there could be a plot thread where she refuses to allow you to be harmed like that (while still treating you like a pet, of course); if you're too uppity, she might either lose interest in you or stop caring too much about your wellbeing, meaning that Lilac could take the reigns and treat you much less mercifully.

I wish there was an option for your character's gender, but I understand that it's hard to do just in base Quest, so I can't really imagine how hard it would be to do that in twine without copy/pasting entire paragraphs of text while also changing specific scenes to fit--for instance, the training scene part where the MC is violated with a stick would have to be changed for the male version (or at least, it would have to be a different hole being violated). Interactions with other characters might also have to be changed slightly, so it'd be a hassle to try and catch all those little snags. I'm trying to do the same with a little work-in-progress project of mine, but I need to be capable of using advanced settings in the downloadable version of the program, so I understand the pain.

Review by SoyChad
02 Feb 2020
Great work, some of the best writing I've seen. The fantasy setting works well. The giantesses are just the right amount of cruel, and I love the entrapment stuff. The farm girls path was well done. Curious to see if you have the option getting caught by them again or going back to them. Can't wait to read more.

Review by Will50000
29 Jan 2020
Please work on this more it is really good game so far

Review by Irkedd
28 Jan 2020
You've done some amazing work with this. Amazing writing, Well made (especially for a first post on this site), solid mechanics, fun to play and a surprisingly good story.

Helps that it focuses on some of my favorite fetishes too. Loved the whole Neko rogue route and can't wait to see more, hoping for a bigger focus on Entrapment + Feet as well (the being trapped as padding ending was amazing and i definitely hope for more like it).

Can't wait to see where you go from here

Review by Franky_fam
23 Jan 2020
Has big potential!
Would definitely be willing to pay upwards of 20 euros for a fully fledged game with a hundred or more deaths.

Review by ClayWest
16 Jan 2020
10/10 I love it so far. Can’t wait to see more. ^~^

Review by AzurRanfan
16 Jan 2020
Great job! This is super fun and well made.

Review by Dino_kid01
16 Jan 2020
This is probably one of the best story lines i have seen in a while and it has a different concept to it which is great for the game.

keep up the good work and have fun with what you are doing see you later

Review by Sklumpkin
16 Jan 2020
Very good! I like your writing style, and the fantasy setting is pretty unique for this sort of game. I also appreciate that you can see which events are based on RNG and that you can see how low the odds are.

Keep up the good work!

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