Running Refuge by SparkyNinja

In college we were told to create a game which main purpose was not initially entertainment.

I deiced to create a text based choice game which explores the idea of the refuge crisis from the point of view of a child from a family stuck in a war zone.

There are several different ends to the game.

Even though I've spell checked it a bunch of times, please do expect errors...

This is not a high quality pristine game, it's the first game I've ever made, but most importantly; This is a college project. Nothing more, nothing less.

Also for my project I had to make an animation for my game, so if you want to see that, here's the trailer;

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Review by esteemedtroglodyte
21 Jun 2016
Absolutely gripping, I must say! The exhilaration from each sentence I read keeps me hooked onto the story! After several playthroughs, I have to admit this is one of the best games I've seen here, congratulations for making a terrific game, SparkyNinja!

Review by MrTower
21 Jun 2016
It was pretty thrilling and exciting; however, it's sort of annoying that not all of the choices that end up in your death allow you to go back, making you refresh and start from the top.
Still I reccomend it 4/5 :)

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