One Great Gatsby [giunta]- UNKNOWN & Alexis Tenorio by Bond, James bond

This game is about Jay Gatsby. In the book, Gatsby did things for specific purposes. This game is the reflection of the way Jay Gatsby would think and act if he lives in New York, 2017. This game can be won if the person, who is playing it, have read the book, even if he or she did not finish the book. This game is designed to help those who have not read the book. since it is going to show them the way Jay Gatsby think, plan, and act. By playing this game, the player will have a good understanding of the book, therefore, this game is considered to be a shortcut to understand what the store is about in general, and to understand who Gatsby was specifically.
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Bond, James bond

Added 01 Jun 2017
Updated 06 Sep 2018