Sleuth Stranded by UltimateClash

Sleuth Stranded is the loooong overdue sequel to Sleuth Overboard, in which Amanda finds herself a prisoner on a cargo ship.

Good news, she escaped, bad news, she's trapped on a remote island in the middle of nowhere.

Whats that? You got the other ending? Well I'm very sorry but a desert island presented far more ways to needlessly endanger Amanda's life, so I went with that.

And by I, I mean me and perilsofdawn, since this adventure ended up having more than double the number of branching paths, involving giant snakes, mudpits, cannibals, bears, long falls, and all sorts of other, horrible ends for Amanda to meet if you're not careful...

Unless you like seeing all that, in which case this adventure is for you!

Adventure here:…

Amanda Jones belongs to Torqual3D, rendered in Daz 4.9 iRay and edited in Adobe Photoshop CS2
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Published 06 Dec 2017