Draak-Kin Power by KD Dragon

This is a fan-game inspired by "Golden Treasure: The Great Green" by Dreaming Door Studios. I have borrowed some characters and ideas, with permission. I have no business relationship with Dreaming Door. I'm just a dedicated fan who knows a little about writing and programming.

Draak-Kin Power is a story about Life and Freedom. Your goal is to earn the blessings of three Draak-Kin (dragon) paragons: Many-Times-Burned, Allmother, and Darktooth.

This is a fairly short game with a small number of rooms. It is meant to be played multiple times. There are 14 endings and far more dialogue written than is possible to see on one playthrough.

Please download and play offline if at all possible. It seems that the online version is rather buggy.

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Review by Riss
07 Aug 2023
every time i try to open it shows me "Server Error in '/' Application.
Runtime Error "

Review by isweetdreamingdoor
05 Aug 2019
I can definitely tell love went into this adventure. I loved the descriptions of the goodbeasts. Fun and shows a silly side. The world itself definitely feels like Golden Treasure in trial of Darktooth and Allmother. However, there is definitely a lot of the spark of your own style that comes through in the descriptions of things, from the signs and the goodbeasts and occasional other side things.

I would love to see your work move in that direction more, though, obviously your focus on the elders meant you had to focus on characters, which meant you had to channel Ludwig's writing more. And, I think you did well in that respect!

Short but most certainly a treat!

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KD Dragon

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 16 Aug 2019