Tiny Thief 0.17 (A shrinking Game) by ThatGoddess

You managed to steal a ring that can shrink its wearer along with any inanimate object.

Using this technology you go on an epic heisting spree... or die trying.

If you find any bugs or typos, feel free to message me on here or my twitter.

Change log:

0.17 Let's go shopping!

- Added a shop
- Added a grappling hook
- Added new interactions
- Added new loot

0.16 Hikari

- Improved upon last Hikari update
- New content


- Bug Fixes


- Expanded Park area
- Several improvements
- Several fixes
- Removed Herobrine



Contact me on Twitter: twitter.com/Goddess_of_Derp

Reviews are appreciated!

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Review by Sheograth10
29 Aug 2019
I think that this game is really unique, with the stealing objective and going to different locations for heists. Because of that, this game will definitely become even better as you add more locations to explore and more interactions.

Good luck with the future game development!

Review by proveyed
27 Aug 2019
Aside from a lot of typos, this is a very good game. The grammar is fine but you might benefit from proofreading.

I hope that your game expands from here, as you practice more you'll likely become an even better writer and make something really awesome.

Review by HighImpactMoth
27 Aug 2019
Pretty good tbh, this game has a lot of potential to make it stand out more than a usual shrunk at school game, very competently made and in the future with the thieving features it could be one of the high end size games on here.

My only suggestion would be to flesh out some of the shorter dialogue and make sure you play test the game a little more to ensure all functions do something, I am primarily talking about the 'Take' that does nothing.

Hope this review gives you motivation to continue, I would hate for this to become one of those fantastic games that the maker cuts support from.

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