The Base OS Series- Prologue by Lord_Vulkan101

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--This is the online version of "Wake Up" which includes pictures and sound--

A prologue to a new series I'm making,Wake Up begins with the entries a text-based computer making alterations to the machines, and programming of a scientific research base in order to keep it from shutting down. You then begin to learn about the base and this special computer from the information given to you about what YOU are doing. Yes, you are in fact the protagonist of this prologue. The prologue is linear, but I've tried to make the version of you in the story as non-definite as possible. This will allow you to put yourself into this version of you's shoes. The story is linear because I am hoping to get this series printed into books.The series will consist of several different stories that each have their own protagonist(s), antagonist(s), location, and plot. Introductions to each book will also be put in and be about you and the computer and how the story connects to both of you. Updates will be made to this prologue in the form of revisions and new pages. The prologue won't be very long but I will continue making the series.
===Ideas/requests for what I should put in the prologue or make into a story for the series?
===Send them to [email protected]==

1.0- the 1st version published which included pg.1-2 and a 'to be continued' on page 3

1.1- includes and edited pg.2 and an edited description, also has a picture and sound to hint at what pg.3 will be

1.2 added quickly after 1.1:added a table of contents,changed the pg.3 'to be continued' text,added bibliography

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