SAW: Logan (unfinished) by AmasinPeynut

This game was added to the Sandpit for the following reason: Missing choices

There are not enough choices in this game - interactive fiction is supposed to be interactive!
When a 27 year old man from Nova Scotia named Logan McGuy wakes up in an unusual place with a chain strapped to his ankle, leaving him stuck, he doesn't know he's actually in a trap made from Jigsaw because of his history of jailbreaking electronics, and even the president. All fun and games, until one day, when goes too far after an attempt of trying to hack Jigsaw. Jigsaw finds him, puts him in a brand new trap, leaving him with one choice to make: Figure out the puzzle piece by piece before 12:00, or take too long, and get locked in the room until death! What will happen? Will he live, or will he die? Read SAW: Logan to find out!

This is an >>UNFINISHED VERSION<< of the story. The interactive part comes at the end
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