The Lazy Gun Cult by Felic Roman

The Lazy Gun cult is a game in which the player is a private investigator gets trapped in a large mansion whilst investigating claims of cult activity. To escape the mansion and its grounds you must immerse yourself in the history and rituals of the Lazy Gun Cult.

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Review by BeautyvsAshes
10 Jun 2014
I would love to give this more stars but the problem is that I cannot see the symbols. Thus rendering me stuck. It would appear I am not the only one as well. Also, it says that you can type in xx if you like, but when you go to type anything, you are given the unrecognised command reply. Frustrating. I would like to see where this goes, so if you ever check these, fix these things and I'll re-review it :)

Review by Silver
31 Jul 2013
It's a game set in a (surprise surprise!) mansion that you get trapped inside once entered. There's a few rooms downstairs with a guestbook, some paintings you can look at and some lions heads on bannisters that have no descriptions. The same holds true for the corpse you find at the top of the stairs. It's there, but no apparent way to further examine it. This alarmed me somewhat as being an investigator I would have expected some clues to a mysterious death to be available on a body.

Not to worry, there must be clues elsewhere. I further found a statue, picked up a cask of oil and then found some symbols that had a handy graphic to illustrate them. Or, rather, there was a red ex where the graphic with the clues on should have been. At this point I deduced it would be wiser to count my losses and give up.

The saving grace was that the game was so sparsely populated with explorable objects and puzzles that I only managed to waste twenty minutes of my life rather than the length of a movie or longer.

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Written by
Felic Roman

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Written for Quest 3.5
Published 04 Sep 2005

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