Cool Cat's Good Time Drug Free Video Game by bitterkarella

In 1987, the US Department of Not Doing Drugs released "Cool Cat's Good Time Drug Free Video Game" to help kids learn how to be cool. You are on your way to join Cool Cat's Cool Club, but beware! Along your path you'll encounter lots of sneaky characters who would love to tempt you into illicit activities! In this game, you'll have fun and maybe learn a little something about how to be cool in a safe and secure way!
Review by Evans_Rolex
26 Nov 2018
is this EDUMACATION I smell?

is still funny tho.
and cooties.

and too short.

Review by EpicToast
17 Sep 2017
This game is hilarious. Too short lol

Review by Nutjitzu
04 Sep 2017
OMG, I laughed at the cooties part. ^-^

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