Living with Giant Women by zoidaniih

fetishes: Giantess, Mini-giantess, fart, scat, body odors, and some more

There are some fart sounds, beware of that

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7 years ago, a pandemic struck the world. An unkown virus spread around the world at an alarming rate, shifting the world upside down. All males were shrunk to 1inch tall, and while many women were unaffected, some of them would catch the virus but the effects were diminished making them only being able to shrink up to 5cm or bigger.

Years after the pandemic, the world came again to balance. The male population was greatly reduce, and the female are in charge of the world, this caused some changes. In first place, males are seen as inferior, this caused some shifts in mother-son, sister-brother, wife-husband, etc relationships. While many of them still loved their relatives, the way men were treated was in a way similar to a pet. Many would use them for their amusement or their pleasure thanks to their enhanced durability. Still, if they were to rough, accidents could happen.

Another consequence, was that many women stopped caring too much about hygiene. While they still care about looks, they stopped minding about the smells. Having male at their feet, caused them to stop wasting time on those things. There are some cases in which some like to use their body odors to torture any poor soul that may come by.

0.2 Mostly rooms were added but there are a few new interactions as well.

(Sorry if there is grammar errors or an straight murder of the English language, this is my second language)

Its my first attempt to make a game, i'm still learning how to us this thing. Also, im open for any suggestion to future scenarios.

For now its just the beginning, Ill be updating whenever I can, I'll try to implement the suggestion you make, but keep in mind I'm a begginer in the use of quest.

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Added 13 May 2024
Updated 16 May 2024