pedro's Moral Decision by becksbec4

Pedro could not see himself going back to a minimum wage job after making all this easy money from the gang. His family was beginning to get on their feet again and he was happy that he could make it all happen for them. He went back an accepted his next step offer of stealing cars. They had to take him through a whole training process on how to do this and took most of his time. At least two-months of unpaid training, but in the end he thought it would be worth it. After he was done his training they sent him off to do his work on his own. He began a week later on a late Sunday night. He thought no one was around and decided to steal his first car. It was in a dead parking lot with only a couple cars left and decided to go for the most expensive one. He messed up on a couple of steps and the car alarm would not shut off. This caused attention to come his way when a police car just happened to drive by. He ended up getting caught for every crime he had committed, and in order to lower his jail sentence he decided he would give out the names of many in the gang. He decided his fate and now is facing 2 years of jail time.
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