The year is 2050.

You are the captain of SC Denver; a Star Command task vessel with the job of keeping everyone safe and carrying the will of the Admiral.

It's not easy.

Just remember, you are the captain. Your choices effect everyone on-board and everyone around you. Sooner or later you will come to regret or be rewarded by your choices.


As of current, the game doesn't feature many variations - many choices lead to the same result as you may notice. When the storyline is complete I will work on that! Enjoy ;)

Just started working on it again, a few years later!

0.3 A bit more!

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Review by Ranger6012
21 Apr 2016
Love the idea, just need to work on adding more text after options and how options affect the story. Ex: When turning on the shields before jumping to the station, you'll still take full damage.

Review by SpoonyMcNuderz
10 Dec 2015
finish the damned thing. its been what, two years?

Review by Nick_Crafter
30 Nov 2015
Really good, although, under the situations where lets say *spoilers* I charge my sheilds before i jump to the mining station it still rips my hull apart all the same.

If you were to make the action trees more definitive then I feel the game would be better, though I do understand how much of an annoyance that is so at the worst you may just want to remove options that arent completed.

Comedic though so keep it up!

Review by PyroNewman
25 Nov 2015
Amazing, keep up the great work!

Review by Kajon_Studios
22 Nov 2015
I absolutely loved it.

Review by GDPYT
14 Nov 2015
AMAZING! Cant wait for the next bit.

Review by manam
12 Nov 2015
amazing, i hope you continue your great work on this

Review by Lighthouse
12 Nov 2015
Very good. I do hope you are working on finishing it.

One piece of advice: I don't think that the Admirals response to your request for aid is not very realistic. Maybe you could add a bit more interaction (lengthen the conversation).

Either way, it looks like it will be fantastic :)

Review by supervadim
11 Nov 2015
Really well made I was totally immersed on that seat

Review by Skywalker841
19 Oct 2015
This is great so far. Keep working on it!

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