THETA - Taboo Hunger Experience Text Adventure by Phietto

"Explore the world of Mitiene, a city bustling with activity, most notably within people's guts. With a rich and diverse populous, it's a wonder society manages to function with half of it constantly stuck inside the other half. Explore several fun locations, meet cute characters, and get to know them inside and out!"

Over 70 different vore scenes!
Oral Vore
Anal Vore
Cock Vore
Unconventional Vore
Willing and Unwilling Vore
Object Swallowing
Other kinky stuff!
Probably a lot of bugs

Note: As always, the online player is buggy as all hell, because effectively you're playing the game downloaded onto the server, which has to take your input, send it to Quest, Run the code, Get what's returned, and then send it back to you. As such, 90% of the bugs you'll find when playing online are entirely down to the site itself. Download the game if you can, it runs so much better.

(If you're on mobile or mac, I'm sorry! I'm working on a Twine-based CYOA soon, that'll work on more platforms!)

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Review by PurpleStar
13 Apr 2019
its perfect except that for me it kinda lags at random parts...

Review by Dark Phantomz
14 Mar 2019
THIS WAS THE BEST, Phietto why don't you make a pokemon vore game that would be the coolest because you are really REALLY good at making these.

Review by suredo
05 Feb 2019
This was amazing in more ways then I’m willing to analyze. It also inspired me to start working on my own text ad-vore-ture (but I’m no where near done yet lol).

Review by Carterjdjdjdj
18 Dec 2018
Great game i hope you update and add more of bishop! <3

Review by Delgadofangmire86
10 Dec 2018
I love this game but I have a suggestion, more than one way of getting a game over, so far I’ve only found one way of getting a game over, the alleyway, if you go in you die, and if you have a certain character following you when you go into the alleyway, like rylide, they try to save you, it would be a huge help to have a huge bunny taur at your side

Review by Pumpkin Pizza
09 Nov 2018
This game was great I had a lot of fun Exploring all the things that you could do. Digesting people It seems a bit Anti-climactic They scream And then they're just not inside of me anymore :/ Phirae Is the only one that wasn't very anti-climactic Squirms and Wiggles a bit But Phirae Has only been nice to me The entire game And digesting him It just kind of makes me feel bad and eating things It's okay I wish there was more interaction with the other things inside Like if you drink water Phirae should Squirm a bit as the cold water pours on him idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh and There's this green cat I don't know if it was a bug But I couldn't find any interaction with him I tried everything But all i was able to do was look at him To tell me that he was a Green cat Once again Great game Definitely would recommend Can't wait to see more content If the Creator is planning to add more

Review by IStillPlaYFallout
15 Oct 2018
I was eating phirae while i was being eaten by phirae... and the game creator is phietto... coincidence? I think not!

Oh yeah the games great btw.

Review by landyman01
15 Oct 2018
Best game Ever! But I was there were sound effects like The Hotel game by mmzmmm did.

Review by Spike77
13 Oct 2018
It is good but the time limit sucks

Review by Blunderbutt69
21 Sep 2018
One of the best I EVER played!

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