Shrunk and Captured: Unbreakable by Viper445

You have been shrunk to a measily half an inch. Your name stripped away along with your humanity you hardly resemble the person you once were. Now you find yourself captive of the one who caused your downward spiral in life. Relive the memories of the time you've spent as the serial killer Mayas pet and learn of how she brought such a fate upon you, and how you may have been able to prevent it but didn't. You are unbreakable, only so long as you believe it.

My first Text game. Far from perfect but it could be worse. Least that's what i tell myself. Still getting used to using TA so criticism and thoughts are highly appreciated.

For the time being anything past the bedroom isn't completed. As in Not made yet. Like i said, still getting used to TA and wanna actually learn enough of it to make the game good. Sorry.

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Review by MadBoy118
07 Apr 2022
So to preface this, I must say I am greatly enjoying this experience. I hesitate to call it a game since there isn't too much interactivity just yet. But, there's nothing to complain about there. The writing is nice, and the development of Maya and how the protagonist views her is interesting. There are a few issues, but that's to be expected of an incomplete WIP such as this.

A few of your choices (direction wise) could be a bit more elaborated upon, like I mean after climbing off the desk and heading to the tights, it could tell you that heading "down" means entering the tights. So basically just a bit more detail in the non-story sequences. A better example would be during the Maya body-exploration, knowing where each direction would take you would be nice.

Your "remembers" are interesting. It's a nice variety of stories showing the relationship between Maya and the protagonist while also developing how psychopathic Maya is.

Maybe a bit more in-world effects would be nice. By that I mean, like the scene where you poke Maya's breasts a possible second-time dialogue being prepared where she's like: "Oh~? You're doing it again." and then she punishes you some more, maybe even using the same text, just making it feel like we're doing it again, if you know what I mean.

A few minor details could be brushed up, like when you move onto the bed before resting on your bed causing her to enter the room, it lets you climb up still and interacts as if she's already there.

I choose against referring to the Living Room since it is unfinished, but I am excited to meet Lyza as I do have a certain favour towards giants that are psychopathically dominating/teasing. So, if Lyza is anyway similar to Maya I'll definitely like her.

It has been a very long time since you've updated, which is very much a pity. But, hopefully you'll come back to this one day and continue it, this has great potential and I am very excited to see more.

Review by Ultra Blue Moon
15 Jun 2021
What comes next after you're in the living room?

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