Pokemon Lab Experiment by PoiYo

You decide to enter a lab experiment full of different types of Pokemon. Though, this is not just any regular research. Prepare to be eaten.


Version 0.1: Fire Room has a Pokemon in it.

Version 0.15: Nothing new, but every room have new descriptions.

Version 0.19: Added new Pokemon to the Bug, Normal, and Poison Rooms. Plus RotomDex's to the Water, Dark, and Legendary Rooms.

Versions are dumb, these are patch notes: Added Arcanine, every room has a RotomDex, and there is an option to not die when eaten.

Stroke of Inspiration Update: Fixed writing and some endings (Mostly with Ponyta)

Psychic Update: Added a new Pokemon in the psychic room + added an ending to Furret.

Plans: Add at least 1 Pokemon to each room.

Author's notes: Wanted to change the mood a bit. I made it less about wanting to be eaten by the Pokemon, and more about interacting with them. Being eaten by them is just the majority of the outcomes. (I just want to add some future paw stuff :P)

This game contains: Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Unbirth, Absorption, Stomps (Crushing no more), Endo, Digestion, Cock Vore, and Macro/Micro.

This game will never contain: Hard Vore, Sex, and Graphic Gore

All Pokemon mentioned are made by Gamefreak. All credit goes to them

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Review by CamTheNeko
21 Oct 2020
I really wanna see more pokemon and for sure eevee

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