Commander's Small Day Ver0.48 by crazyguy225

Ver0.48 - 5/5/24
- Z1's events added, along with a branch into Ranger, 4 events total
- 2 nametags to find in the halls

Ver0.47 - 10/09/23
- Fusou's events added, with a cameo from Fubuki, 5 events total

Ver0.46 - 06/29/23
- Item 'Shipgirl Almanac' added, will provide an image and information about every shipgirl in the game
- Takao added as a branch off of Atago's room with 13 endings, written by
- Yamashiro's events added, 6 endings total
- Fusou's desk is not yet accessible

Ver0.45 - 05/03/23
- Classroom is added with 4 endings thus far, much more to come
- Four pieces of art added to endings, two of which are new endings. Made by

Ver0.40 - 08/15/22
- Finished Parseval’s Room with 5 more endings
- Sheffield added in the hall with 2 endings
- Javelin added in the Ready Room with 3 endings and a future path to the Royal Navy dorm written by
- Concord added to the Mess Hall with 5 endings written by

Ver0.35 and earlier
- 25 Endings
- 7 Nametags

Currently, 72 endings and 13 nametags to find.

Continuing to flesh out the classroom, and make the routes to the faction specific dorms.

It is highly recommended you do not try to play this in browser and instead download the game file via the right-hand side, "Download file" link and use the quest software to run it.

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Review by mstjohh
17 Feb 2024
giant ship girls are amazing

Review by Warerwar
26 Aug 2023
This is just awesome, if you like giantess stuff you'll like this.

Review by Lrodshrek
18 Oct 2022
Pretty Cool

Review by Buzzkill
25 Jul 2022
Good game with nuanced writing; didn't deserve the review spam.

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Added 21 Jul 2022
Updated 10 May 2024