One ~ Inch by bitchinmofo456

Unfortunately, this game is now too large to be hosted in its most recent incarnation on Playing this game in the browser or downloading it will now only lead to a dummy file that will redirect you to download the game from our mega page which can be found here :

We know this may be inconvenient for some people, but since this site has a strict 20MB file size limit, we didn't want to limit ourselves to what is possible. The game also plays better offline, especially with all the modifications made of the core scripts. If you enjoy this game, I hope you decide to follow us on our discord.

Discord invite :

Play as a miniaturized person who's found themselves prisoner to a strange club of gigantic women who intend to make you their plaything. Game mechanics include turn-based battles, puzzles, RPG-style character building and roleplaying, and exploration.

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Review by Wintertime
17 Nov 2023
A really well made game!

Review by GtsBibi
08 Apr 2023
This game has so much to offer. Really soaked me into the world of a Tiny!
Until now I found 2-3 softlooks but in a game with a size like this totally understandable. Really hope for an update someday 🖤

Review by DeepDredux
30 Mar 2023
Absolutely phenomenal. One of the most, if not THE most, ambitious and impressive size games I've ever played. Few other size games manage to capture the same level of exciting writing, immersive mechanics, and feelings of endless possibilities like this one does.
This, and its predecessor Elsa's Motel, are and will remain a major inspiration for what's possible, and I look forward to following it as it continues to develop and grow!

Review by Lrodshrek
18 Oct 2022
Pretty Cool

Review by r0x0r
05 Jul 2021
Best GTS text adventure I have played.

Review by BrainDamage54
26 May 2021
Pinnacle of text adventures!

Review by eragonlink
14 Apr 2021
First time reviewing a quest game, because I felt I had to support you a bit!

Really awesome work so far <3! Looking forward to see where this all goes ^w^! Wish you luck in the continuation!

Review by Ultra Blue Moon
16 Mar 2021
I forgot to leave my rating lol.

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