Can you survive a dystopia post fallout zone redo 1st part by cutecats2005

Sooo...if you have played my last game, you will know that it was really short, and pretty darn boring, and that is why i'm doing a redo. This is still a dystopia, but a totally different story, method, and i hope it goes much better than the first one. Please do not comment mean things as I am new to this website. I am currently in school, so updates may be slow and minimal. Check this story on weekends, as that is when I will enter all of my changes. Also: please in the comments below tell me what I can improve on or anything inaccurate.I do like constructive criticism. Thank You!

In this story you are an urban teen that is living in a fallout zone. There has been a world war 3, and your country has been exposed to radioactive material. You have little memory of your parents or any other relatives, so you're on your own.

Also, this may take a month or so to complete, because I want to try really hard on this and hopefully get some good comments. Once again, PLEASE give me constructive criticism. I'm always looking for new ways to improve my stories and make them to all of your liking. I really do hope you enjoy! Thanks!


Authors notes:

-chapter 1 is officially finished in most parts-

-Okay...umm, this is gonna take MORE than a month or so to complete, and since I'm planning on make different parts to this story, the whole, finished product might take, like...a complete? I really don't know but please be patient. Though updates may come slowly, please check this once or twice a week. There should be updates, if not, my greatest apologies. Thanks for your time!
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-BTW, when this game is finished, be prepared to spend A LOT of time reading, this is going to be a very long game, I mean- I already have like, umm...almost 40 different choices\pages. So...ya, be prepared to spend a looong time on this.
This message is happily delivered to you by cutecats2005!-

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Review by IStillPlaYFallout
14 Oct 2018
Need more... need more... precious...

(This is the best thing since the X-box)

Review by MTaylor
01 May 2017
Nice vibe to it, we have used the same pictures in our text adventures that made me chuckle, this is a great piece all you can do is continue to develop on it.

Nice font

Review by Regisblackgaard
27 Oct 2016
Yes this game also has potential and nice pictures but WORK ON IT MORE! looking forward to next update :0

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