Shrunk at College (09/26/19 UPDATE) by Sheograth10

9/26/19 UPDATE: This update adds a whole new area to explore. It's the university's dance studio. You'll need to navigate a chaotic landscape and avoid dancing women who are totally oblivious of your presence. In this location, Nesi & Allison take center stage. But you can also find Liz, plus a few others hanging around.

The update adds 14 new death scenes, which doesn't include the multiple deaths that can be triggered by exploring the dance floor. And most deaths have minor changes if you've gotten the attention of that character first. And a few have larger changes.


EDIT: I've figured out that the online saving bug is probably caused by the size of the game. I'm not going to be able to fix that, so let me know if you are not able to download the game (I've heard that Quest doesn't work on certain computers), and I'll tell you how to access the dev room. That one contains shortcuts I use to move through the game quicker.

Check/follow my Twitter for updates on my Giantess World stories! I usually make a post when a new chapter is out. And I will typically say when I'm doing work on the TA as well.

This is a simple story about a guy (you) who mysteriously shrinks one day. You are teleported to one of your female friends' apartments. You are a college age student, in your 3rd year. You will need to explore your new surroundings, scavenge for materials, and do your best if you want to be discovered, and not die in the process.

In the current build, you will explore your friend Alena Scarea's apartment, and run into her as well as your mutual friend Nesi Kher. You can also explore your friend, Allison Kim's, apartment, and find a way to get to the university gym and library, through her apartment area. And you can also explore you professor's apartment, Liz Orfino, and also meet your friends Anita Li & Tanya Deshmukh along the way.

Character descriptions are in the first screen.

1) Around 90-ish total death scenes
2) A good balance of unaware and aware scenarios
3) A super secret JoJo reference, as well as a few smaller JoJo references sprinkled in
4) Mainly feet centered content, but there is a decent amount of vore/mouthplay and other kinds of content as well

Old Updates:

8/28/19 UPDATE:
A new scenario is now available! This one stars a character I wrote for in a different series, Amy Kobayashi. She's a cute researcher who really wants to gather data on a shrunken human. Can you assist her in her quest?
This update is a bit smaller than usual, but it didn't take me quite as long from when I started on it. Depending on how this one is received, I might do another of these based on Kayleigh Smith from 'Shrinking with the Boss'.

UPDATE 06/05/19:
It’s time for another update of Shrunk at College. This update continues Alena’s aware story, as she heads to a cafe with the MC for lunch. A few extra characters are introduced, and you can meet and interact with them. Tanya also makes an appearance, so look out for that if you’re a fan of her.
I’ve included a hint object at the start of the route that lists all of the death scenes and other general tips for making progress if you get stuck.
Also, I’ve decided to make passwords not needed for most things in the game. From now on, passwords will ONLY unlock the flashbacks. Everything that previously required passwords will now be freely accessed.
Hope you enjoy it! Hopefully I didn’t miss any bugs. Let me know what you think here. Feel free to follow me on Twitter in the meantime.

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Review by proveyed
27 Sep 2019
The user below fancies himself a bit of a critic!

If you hate feet then I strongly recommend you avoid this game. Do everyone a favor by also not leaving a review informed purely by your own personal bias or distaste toward feet.

I don’t care for feet yet the technical quality of this interactive is clearly on another level compared to anything anyone else on this website (making fetish games) is doing. The dialogue is, at times, poor and cringe-inducing, but a heavy emphasis on unaware means that dialogue is only rarely shown, and usually by the choice of the player. Therefore I don’t indulge in it.

Regardless, the ambitiousness of this game is enough to earn it high praise. If you want to marvel at its scope then I recommend you do, but if you’re sickened by the large amount of feet then skip AND don’t leave a 1 star review. You’ll only look like a biased idiot.

Review by xxllxx
27 Sep 2019
Should be titled "Shrunk with feet" since that's literally all this game appeals to. Even when you try your hardest to avoid it, the game's dev blatantly crams it down your throat anyway. Every corner of this god-forsaken game has something written down about feet. The writing is sub-par, so you've got that going for you. But when the game dev isn't jerking himself off with his own mother's socks in hand - the game hardly ventures outside of repulsive foot worshipping antics. Want to climb a giantess? Nope~ Just jump in her shoes and die. Repeat that a couple hundred times in different locations and that's the entire thing. Want to explore other rooms and get up to some other mischief outside of fucking drooling over feet? No and fuck you for thinking you could enjoy some gts content that doesn't constantly pander to foot fetishists around every single conceivable corner.

TL:DR - Avoid this game at all costs.

11 Sep 2019
keep up the great work

Review by Fbob
15 Jul 2019
Some of the hyperlinks dont work for me but beside that good game

Review by jeffff
12 Jun 2019
cool game man

Review by ZGT
20 Apr 2019
Lots of options and I like the feet stuff so this being mostly of that is even better. There are improvements I would want but the positives heavily outweigh the negatives!

Review by Tronom
12 Mar 2019
The only thing missing to me is more nasty things, but great work!

Review by shamusboy10
28 Jan 2019
Excellently Written, detailed, lengthy and varied. One of the best giantess/foot related adventures on the site. Every update continues to polish and add to the already impressive experience. A must play!

Review by Victory 9954
16 Jan 2019
It is obvious when someone is into their work. Even though Sheograth10 doesn't get anything in return, the story is both understandable and entertaining. It is a five next to others.

Review by alexander933
07 Dec 2018
The quality of the writing and the amount of content is amazing. Truly one of the best Shrinking games out there. My respect to Sheograth10 for the dedication needed to make this fantastic adventure.

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