Shrunk at College (9/30/18 UPDATE) by Sheograth10

EDIT: It seems like there is a save bug when you use the online player. I'll try my best to fix that, but in the meantime, use the downloaded version instead. You'll have a much smoother experience anyway.

9/30/18 UPDATE
This update adds in Allison Kim's aware continuation and a flashback for her. More details will be added in a comment on the game, as well as on Giantesscity. Hope you enjoy it!

This is a smaller update that expands a lot of existing interactions, as well as adds a new area in Alena's apartment (the dining room chair/table near Nesi). Some of the expanded interactions contain multiple choices per interaction (a few interactions have over 5 choices, which can all lead to a different bad end or way to survive). I'll put more details on the Giantesscity thread, as well as instructions on how to reach certain less obvious areas/scenarios)

I made a small change to the plate event in Nesi's new aware scenario. It should be a bit more forgiving overall, and I've included a map of that location. You can access it by activating a visible command in that room.

Hey everybody! It’s been a while since the last content update, and while I’m still working on the rest of the Alternate Vacation Route for Liz, Anita and Tanya, but I still want to show off what’s been done so far in other areas.

This update will mainly focus on the first stage of the Alternate Party Route that I’ve talked a bit about here, as well as the release of that additional secret thing I’ve been working on. That one is the continuation of Nesi’s general aware route, and it’ll be structured how I currently want all of the aware routes to be in the future.
With this release, I can share with you guys at least some of what I’ve been working hard on, as well as potentially get some feedback on these new additions.

To access Nesi’s new aware route continuation, you can either proceed through her route normally, or use her password, which will unlock an option to go right to where it starts. And the party is unlocked by using all 6 passwords at the start (or the master password if you have it) and then selecting that route in the starting area.

There are also a bunch of smaller additions that I’ve made, which I’ll list out right here:
1) I’ve added extra functionality to the cell phone item, so it acts as a general tool for playing the game. You can return to the starting screen, access character bios, and more with it.
2) I’ve added some more flashback sequences, which cover some non-shrinking stuff. To access a character’s flashback (if they have one) you just need to use their password at the start.
3) I’ve done a bit of reworking on how the passwords work behind the scenes. The only real change for you guys is that to access the eventual Alternate Vacation Scenario for Liz, Tanya & Anita, you need to use their passwords in the main vacation room. I’ve added more detailed instructions in game, on the Alternate Scenario Opener object.
4) There are a bunch of bug/issue fixes, which just happened as I worked on the new content.

And to explain why I want to release the content like this, it’s mainly because I’ve added a lot of detail in the events for the Alternate Vacation Scenario for Liz, Tanya & Anita. And because of that, I want to ensure that the entire thing has that extra level of detail (as I’ve said before, some interactions can have close to 4K or 5K words). So I’d rather release what’s finished so far, while they’re at nice temp stopping points, rather than a massive update a lot later down the line.

Hope you all like this update, and feel free to let me know what you think. Take care!

This is a simple story about a guy (you) who mysteriously shrinks one day. You are teleported to one of your female friends' apartments. You are a college age student, in your 3rd year. You will need to explore your new surroundings, scavenge for materials, and do your best if you want to be discovered, and not die in the process.

In the current build, you will explore your friend Alena Scarea's apartment, and run into her as well as your mutual friend Nesi Kher. You can also explore your friend, Allison Kim's, apartment, and find a way to get to the university gym and library, through her apartment area. And you can also explore you professor's apartment, Liz Orfino, and also meet your friends Anita Li & Tanya Deshmukh along the way.

Character descriptions are in the first screen.

1) Around 71 total death scenes
2) A good balance of unaware and aware scenarios
3) A super secret JoJo reference, as well as a few smaller JoJo references sprinkled in
4) Mainly feet centered content, but there is a decent amount of vore/mouthplay and other kinds of content as well

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Review by rigglehiggler
05 Aug 2018
Detailed, content filled, and good JoJokes. Keep up the work my man

Review by 157thassassin
16 Jul 2018
honestly i wish there was more, i completed everything only missing a couple endings and deaths, i'm not gonna waste my time doing that, but when you make more, i'll be willing to watch how that plays out, also for all the people asking, he tells us specifically not to reveal the codes, so i simpily wont

Review by Aedya S
05 Jul 2018
A great abundance of options, interesting characters, and overall well written. There are a few typos or iffy sentence structure here and there, but that's to be expected in such a large game.

Review by mjdavis123
04 Jul 2018
Great story, great dialogue, Amazing characters. The best game on here.

Review by Unseenmy
07 Apr 2018
Not that into feet but yeah

Review by FLAME bro
01 Mar 2018
add a scene in the sower and it is very very good

Review by necrom
15 Feb 2018
keep up with the story,however try and fix the save if you can.

Review by mrfeeny
10 Feb 2018
I hope you continue this awesome quest!

Review by TROLL
01 Feb 2018
great but haven't seen the rest

Review by Morfrid
11 Jan 2018
It may be the the best giantess textadventure out there. The interactions are well written, the characters are interesting and the gameplay is intuitive. Also there are updates every 3 months or so.

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