Be My Princess - Christmas in Summer (Rewritten Edward's 2013 XMAS event) by tsukimori

Despite being a shallow and egoistic bitch the MC has somehow miraculously landed herself the #1 job in Charles, future princess of Charles. Prince Edward doesn’t seem so happy about it but she doesn’t give a **** what he wants. All she cares about is the perks and money that comes with it.

The MC tags along when Edward goes to visit his CLOSE and yet rich friend at a high class hotel on a gorgeous island for Christmas. Edward hates the idea of going on the trip with her and his friends doesn’t seem so keen in meeting her too but despite their malice towards her, she’ll use all her skills, tactics and beauty to get what she wants.
Review by ThinkB4UHitMe123
08 Nov 2018
I dont like how the Mc(Your avatar) is such a suck up jerk

Review by silviarch
06 Feb 2014
more choices and endings will be better

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