Texst Game by OrangeDude333

eh it isn't too bad i guess

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Review by Marzipan
08 May 2016
If you didn't think it was good, why did you publish it?

There's really not much to recommend this one I'm afraid, it doesn't even try to keep the player's attention. 'You are in Entryway.' 'You are in Porch.' 'There's a Monster here. ' 'You destroy the Monster.' isn't exactly riveting stuff to set fire to the imagination.

Review by 7DeadlySquids
05 May 2016
Just needs... more. You said it best. It wasn't too bad. But, with a little brushing up, I think it could be a 4/5. It kept me mildly entertained for about ten minutes and then I got to an ending and just didn't feel like restarting. Definitely shows promise though.

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