Enter The Double Dare by FreeStuff

You are sent out on a Dare. A Dare you'll never forget.

You thought one time was enough.

Prepare to do it all over again.

CHAPTER I Update: This is now officially the most work I'll put in regarding this. I guess I really wasn't up to task with doing this after all. I get the critiques, but I guess I can't really solve or change them outright since they're deeply engrained into the game by this point (maybe the writing, but that would throw everything off for my story. Maybe room and object descriptions, but then it'd be disconjointed back-and-forth tonal shifts. It'd look even worse by being inconsistent).

Well, I might as well do a full reveal since there's no way it'll go further. I present you... Quiet's Boss Battle. Or some of it before development discontinued. I guess I'll hang up my keyboard and laptop and wait for another adaptation to come by. Hopefully it learns from my mistakes since this was still me trying out ideas to see how they'd turn out. Oh well. At least I'm a whole lot better at coding now than when I first started. See ya guys and gals. Sorry for disappointing.

NOTE: the original files are not added.
NOTE: As of right now and ever, Part I is the only part that'll be available. Bits and Pieces of Part II is available, but Part III is out with only the environment set up.

To access this unfinished segment, type "tally ho" in the MAIN HUB. Or the Door to Dare / Warning Intro. I forgot which.
There is an unusually weird bug where every room goes dark after an event. Some of them are fixed but not all. Just use look when it happens.

I'm now officially done after this. All this was for is to provide closure and improve my coding skills. And I have achieved both for myself.

Without further ado, I'm finished. Enjoy the... whatever this is.

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Review by Ava_xxx
10 Jun 2020
There's clearly effort put into this but it does nothing to add to the source material of The Dare shrinking game. I've had moments where the pretentious and way too long scripted events would simply loop or skip over itself. Sometimes just straight up preventing me from going anywhere. The writing is good but it chooses to be pretentious as hell, almost insulting to read. Instead of expanding on the source material, there is instead an entire room that's just jojo and is completely and utterly irrelevant. Any actual existing giantess material just feels like an afterthought. I'd also appreciate if the colors didn't keep changing constantly. The Black Widow area changes the game's color to black just so you can't read anything, as if you weren't annoyed enough by the rapidly changing color scheme. The source material offered so much freedom to do what you wanted, it also focused on being shrunken around female characters instead of being forced to read scripts that take far too long to advance. While here, you can't really do what you want. I had to use the fast forward function then sit through some glitchy scrips while spamming the directional movements just to cut through the fat and see some giantess finally. Getting a few excuses from the game telling me I can't go there before finally letting me go there.


If you're expecting a giantess text adventure, look elsewhere. This is a parody.

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