Two Masks by GrenBee

UPDATED: Fixed hallway glitch so it's playable now :)

Note: Please play on PC or laptop! playing on mobile doesn't load any of the art or music!

CW: Cursing, talks of depression, creepy music, gender dysphoria, lite horror (nothing visual though, just descriptions).

Two Masks is a text adventure/interactive fiction game about a student controlled by the player and has to get ready for their art 1900 class. But unlike the majority of students, the character you play is trans and gender-fluid, which means that everything they do is seen through a lens of gender dysphoria or affirmation, and the two can often be very difficult to discern.

This is the first version of the game, so I wouldn't be surprised to find out it's a little janky. That said if you encounter any dead ends, just leave the room you're in and come back or reload the game. The first solution should work in at least 90% of these situations.

music by lemon demon & jeff burgess and transcribed by JohnJRenns

You can find them here:

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Review by Tertiary
29 Dec 2020
Good quality writing and good potential but it needed a bit more time in development before being released, even in very early beta like it is.
I'm not sure what the problem is, but I'm going to say that the hallway is broken. Once you enter the main room (kitchen/living room) area, it will not let you return to the hallway, even if you check exits and type in the exact words it uses to prompt it to take you back.

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