tell the mother––––to stop following me! by robloxl0ver

"tell the mother–––– to stop following me!" is a text-based game created in Twine that explores the secrets of an old home. The main character's parents have died, forcing MC and their brother to return to pack up everything.
But the old house carries so many ugly memories for you, so many memoirs that went unwritten.

However, from the moment MC arrives, silent children on the playground and nosy neighbors plague them, leaving them uncertain of this whole ordeal. Once they go into the house, that's when everything starts falling down. The kitchen breeds disgusting monsters and their room dregs up old memories.

The attic is full of nostalgia, but behind every scrapbook, behind every baby tooth ever kept lies a dark secret. One wrong move and you'll fall down the hole of unlucky events. The basement hides monsters that you could have never dreamed of in your insanity-fueled nightmares.

The further you go, the more monsters you discover and the more you discover what you're truly afraid of.

You can't trust anyone, not even yourself. Who's to say that you're the only voice in your mind?

The question lies therein: are you brave enough to face your deepest fears? Can you find it in yourself to stand back against the traumas you experienced so long ago?
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