The Lodge Update 30, "Unthanksgiving" by Talon

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Because of changes to the Online infrastructure(I think) the version of the game here has become exceptionally buggy with any sorts of Menus, I don't know "IF" i can fix it, and strongly encourage trying the offline method if it is at all feasible to//

Current version 2

This is the first update since the massive fire in March that left me homeless, thus its very small update as I struggle to get any sort of drive to write again.. The mental trauma is healing very slowly it feels.

I salvaged nearly all of the code, but lost the list of things i had unofficially ready for the next Might find more than the normal amount of undocumented things… might find alot I can’t remember.

Recent update notes

The Lodge house had always been a source of mystery, since beyond a time you can remember it was the source of rumors and scuttlebut around town. People went in and never came out, those that lived there were animals, fraternity of the nearby campus who now lived in the spacious old building. The Lodge is now even more enticing though, the first time in years they have actively been recruiting “Pledges” to join their ranks...

Membership is rumored to be the easy life, free food, free living space, and the respect of everyone you meet. You know some of this to be true, those who wear the ring seldom have life's little problems crop up....

Your own motives are two fold, First you'd like to join the Lodge.... second you'd really like not to die... it seems simple enough.. if you had to choose..well..thats up to you..

This is a Vore Game, People getting eaten alive by animals and the like WILL happen, and if your not into such, there will be little here for you. It is strongly Male/Male in focus with a handful of exceptions, you have been warned
Your character is Male by default, and while the majority of things are flexible there are a few sections where gender will have an effect, For a female there will be abeneded parts)

What you can expect on playing this game(Apart from bugs and typos and such). Under the vorish trappings and scenarios the game is a mixture of Adventure and puzzle, you will have to play multiple times to discover all the secrets. Akin to the old point and click adventure games like Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion and so on many puzzles require you to have a certain item with you or have gotten yourself flagged in a certain way

You should expect to be eaten, mostly by male predators. You shouldn't be surprised about some sexual content, or rather a lot of it if you do some obvious commands in front of predators.

There are aspects of Randomness invloved.. And patroling predators for example, and though not fully implimented yet some things are on a clock, be it where you'll find certain characters as they go about their day, or what the weather is outside.

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Review by Anal vore's MA JAM
30 Mar 2019
Very well made game. Would recommend. Would be nice to have a saving mechanic though.

Review by CrazedHyena
05 Mar 2019
Amazing work! Great scenes, characters, and worldbuilding! in fact this could actually become a full fledged video game...
In my opinion at least...

Review by Zedek Anyderfyr
05 Oct 2018
the best vores in interactive adventures!!

Review by DragoAnyderfyr
09 Jul 2018
^^ .

Review by niko956
01 Nov 2017
you did a great job

Review by dragonice246246
13 Sep 2017
This game is very good keep up the good work.

Review by G0D0FDEATH99
13 Aug 2017
Good job. Maybe add some ub.

Review by Tsukiamaterasu
20 Apr 2017
Fucking amazing!

Review by runeguden
22 Dec 2016
Love the game so far, could use A herm pred that would CV you and keep you in her balls till you ask to be let out tho, but its all around a great game

Review by fangthechangeling
26 Mar 2016
i say this is good but i would love a male dragon who you can pick what he does to you like piss fart shit anal vore cock vore stuff like that

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