The Watchkeepers by Father

A scifi mystery. The strange quest of a man faced by the impossible. Where will it lead him? Who knows? Dare you find out?

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Review by wolvins
02 Mar 2017
Nice ending!!! Really liked the game and the description of all the characters and area's. Got stuck couple of times but was over thinking it so when i sat down it all came to be. Really like your games.

Review by DavyB
02 Aug 2016
Having just played, and greatly enjoyed "The Tree" by Father Thyme, I noticed that his latest game was sitting without comments or reviews. From the discussion on the Forum it looks as if it had a bad start because of a layout problem, which presumably put off those looking out for high quality new material. The problem has now been fixed and it is my priviledge (and responsibility!) to provide a first review.

Well, the bottom line is that this is an excellent game and I strongly recommend it. Like "The Tree" it is a strong science fiction story, worked out in detail, with puzzles along the way. There are connected areas to explore but progress is mostly linear, which makes the puzzles easier. The game has been designed to prevent the player from doing anything that would cause a problem later on, or kill the player, so everything can be tried with confidence.

It was a joy to open up each new part of the game, with a head-spinning finish that I'm still not sure I fully understand! I found a few little wordprocessing problems in the text, which I'll pass on, but overall this is an outstanding adventure. Thank you for making it available!

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