Shrinking Around Anthros by MicroGamer

In a world forced to cooperate with two vastly different race, humans and anthros/ furries, you are a human scientist, or you like people to believe you are one as you never made a successful invention. Even your own roommate, whose a anthropomorphic rabbit, thinks you're just some idiot with a lot of money to burn to keep playing pretend. Wanting to prove everyone wrong, you try to make a shrink ray on your roommate's request. After several testing, and getting a earful from your roommate from the loud noises, you manage to actually make the shrink ray. With this device in hand, the world is going to be quite fun to traverse around in such a tiny size, or a terrifying one if you're not careful.

(Still figuring out how making stuff for this website works, and just trying to see what people think of the idea. When I have the time, will go back and try to actually put a lot of effort in making the first several pages actual pages before working on the rest of this stuff. Might even put a cover art should i find the time to make one.)

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Review by Snakebolt
18 Oct 2019
There are some bugs with the 10% and 50% also can’t type anything in other than that it’s ok

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