A Plus Adventure by Slyme Pit

A parody of Internet forum politics.

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Review by xavea
16 Apr 2013
I think that I understand the intent of the game. From the description and the point that you labelled it comedy, I think you were trying a little too hard to minimize your involvement with the material. It is quite politically charged, and not strictly on internet forums. However, I did appreciate that as a setting, and you did speak in a few different voices quite well.

There were a few things I didn't understand, and I feel like I'm missing the joke, when WCoA automatically gets banned. I can't quite decipher the acronym, and it made me feel a bit stupid.

I wish that the choices affected subsequent choices more. I went through the game several times, and with so many choices on some of the pages, it looks like there are many more routes to take to the end than actually exist. It could be a little bit more fleshed out, and I think that what is there is occasionally poorly thought out, but that could be inexperience with the exact nature of the political material being presented in such a satirical manner.

If the subject matter of the forums within the game had been different, I probably would have had an easier time giving this game a better review, so take this for what it is. The concept was good, the writing was decent, the subject matter sometimes indelicately handled and with bias apparent, the choices were plentiful, interaction was multiple choice, and storyline was linear with all choices leading to the same ending.

If I could give halves, it would be 3.5 stars. Don't let this be the last game you create, it was a great start.

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Slyme Pit

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Written for Quest 5.3
Published 04 Mar 2013
Updated 05 Mar 2013

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