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Unlisted game #1

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Review by Kamaton999
09 Mar 2014
Are you going to finish this or has this idea been abandoned? Because I would like to see this finished!

Review by Magic Orange
29 Jul 2013
It is an interesting start, (it really reminds me of The Last of Us) but it was very short, even for a prologue. Still I am looking forward to the update.

Review by GnarlyNeon
24 Jul 2013
What you have to keep in mind about this is that, as of now, it is simply a prologue. It's a teaser. Short. Perhaps it could have been longer so that some could get a clearer idea of how enjoyable it will be when it's released, but sometimes a short prologue is all you need, and that's the case with Badlands. The situation you're in and the quick choices you must make give you a brief glimpse of what a great game this survival tale could become.

Review by theBlackopsnl
13 Jul 2013
I think the game as of what it now is , just a prologue , is infact pretty good. It has some good choices that you can make and by thinking about them and doing them smart they will pay off. I hope that this the begining of a great game that keeps getting updated so players can keep playing.

12 Jul 2013
This is a bit of a harsh score to be fair, for something I enjoyed playing for three minutes. I knew this was a first episode, but it's only one scenario and its over before It really began. For text adventure games, I'm really unsure why there is any need to have your story episodic, especially when there is barely any content in them - whats holding you back from spending a larger amount of time getting the complete story in one game? You can really develop the moral/callousness dynamic that isn't really touched upon here. Otherwise, you are spreading yourself waaaay too thin.

This may be HEAVILY influenced by the recent ps3 game 'the last of us', but I dont really mind, in fact I like the idea of modern videogame conversions to text-adventure. This has a lot of potential, but I feel you let this out the gate too early. A really engaging story let down by a fragmented way to tell it.

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