Captive (Demo) by Caleb howell

this is the captive demo where you can get all the way up to joining the mafia and the full version willl be out soon.

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Review by Andrew Trewin
24 Jun 2007
All in all, slightly fun :)

but before your characters speak, add these before and after: " "

Like this: "Here take this I dont need it im serving my time in prison."

And also, try to add more full stops.
And add some variables.
This game could become a good game. And make sure it has a good storyline too.

~ AT

24 Jul 2003
Poor details, confusing story and control as well as strange issues with money and weird occurances. Very easy game but difficult to enjoy...

Review by Jakk1
13 Jul 2003
I'm sorry, this game shows nothing for the future. You need to clean it up some, and add some better descriptions. Do this and it'll be a good game.

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Written by
Caleb howell

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Written for Quest 3.11
Added 02 Jul 2003