Warrior Cats Mate Simulation by Gingersong

These are just imaginary Clans no harsh words and I know I have a bad imagination shhhh


Your cat info:
Name: Fawnwing
Clan: RippleClan
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: You create it
Fur color: Cinnamon colored tabby with green eyes. Short tail and two notches in left ear.
Mother- Birchtail
Father- Silentclaw
Siblings- Wolfpaw, Lightpaw, and Eaglepaw. Her littermate died in a battle.

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Review by scarly woods
24 Feb 2020
The reason for the rating is because its not much but I think its great overall. A few errors you could fix but I can see it being popular! I also have a game and I love to hear your opion of it. here is the link..
not trying to advertise, I'm just mainly trying to get opions to make my game (unfinished) better :)

05 Jan 2020
It was nice at the begining but personally I didnt like it because you stopped at the part where the two cats were fishing, and we didn`t get to know what would happen after. I`d like it more complete and fun, because this isn`t what I would describe fun nor intresting. Just giving a constructive rating here!

Review by Lunaria
03 Dec 2019
Glitchy and not the best...................

Review by Missfoxy4
16 Jul 2018
Terrible... Doesn't work... Always says to take another path, sometimes won't even let me pick anything. VERY glitchy! Bad

Review by arashinome
22 Jun 2018
I really, really, REALLY like this one! It's so cute, and there's so much potential in it! Minimal errors, differing options with lots of opportunities... It's amazing! :D
Despite quite a lot of work needed, I'm sure this is going to be an amazing game! <3 Good luck!

Review by hellokitty53
22 Jun 2018
Luv it! So amazing and I love it so much!!!!!!!! :) 🐱

Review by Darkcloud2524
27 May 2018
Its Amazing i love it

Review by darbi47
05 May 2018
love it so far!

Review by Salchutext
04 Apr 2018
I am not good with words so, just take the rating.

Review by sarcasticstoat
01 Apr 2018
This is an overall good game- it features good grammar, and unique choices that you can make with each section. I love the fact that you have the option to be bisexual, not just restrained to the common heterosexuality. I spotted a few spelling mistakes here and there, and the average amounts of grammatical errors, so I would say you were alright on that. There are definitely quite a few dead ends, but any Work in Progress has paths you can not go down just yet. A great game, I would say, just needs a little more work to be perfect! Keep up the good work, Gingersong!

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