space adventure time by dudeguy

its in space and an adventure

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Review by Henry Chairman
09 Jul 2014
it trys to be funny but ends up just being weird and desprate to make you laugh. 2 stars for effort.

Review by EPIC minecraft
09 Jul 2014

Review by Dagoose
11 Feb 2014
A little to weird for my taste.

Review by Claire6129
06 Feb 2014
Ok…. strange, but interesting and got my interest.
I'm gonna give you a five 'cause I'm nice. Only thing, please check your capitals at the begining of sentences. Ps., Check out my game, "Memory Path", I think you'll find it interesting, and short, and random…. :D

Review by MooCow
05 Feb 2014

It has just my kind of random humor. Great job and stuff. I made a no-sense game too, but I'm afraid to release it because it's so easy to die and people will rate it bad for that reason. So therefore, I am hiding it. But this is the best game i've ever played. Nothing was really capitalized and it was pretty short, but I simply refuse to rate it less. You get the banana award for this game.
Hurray for youuuu

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