surrvive star wars by james nine

live as a jedi or a sith

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Review by Forest05
21 Nov 2015
Loads of spelling mistakes: I got bored after a minute!

Review by SHeeredHonesty
23 Sep 2013
This game is far from simplistic, if you can even find a way out of the room i would be lucky. First the thing i did is tried ever COMMAND, and guess what... the only one that works is TAKE, on the master, then he says i sense something bad is going to happen yoda is meditating blah blah blah!!! So i wait, thinking oh i have tried everything else including searching myself, talking to myself, which if i say DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. AFTER my options were completely drained i chose wait in which YOU can think again, NOTHING happened, i was mashing commands left and right, and still NOTHING, it is impossible to get out of the room with THE ONLY " Object " their, and that being Master ( OR THE MASTER AS I CALL HIM) in which you can't do a damn thing, this game shouldn't even get an appalling rating its an abomination at work and a frustrating one at that. I mean if you can't even get past the FIRST level i would hate to imagine what the rest of the levels are like, DON'T PLAY THIS AT ALL BY NO MEANS, you will just WASTE YOUR TIME.

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Written for Quest 5.2
Added 23 Aug 2012
Updated 23 Aug 2012