The Triple Conspiracy of April 16 by mrfriendlybee12

Everyone knows how and when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, but does anyone know what happened to secretary of state William H. Seward that day? Or why George Atzerodt didn't complete the murder of Andrew Johnson? Find out in this game as you take the place of either Atzerodt or Powell (the attempted murderer of secretary Seward).

11/29/16==========> Updated the links for readers in the shoes of George Atzerodt who go into the hotel bar and ask about the vice president's habits (previously the reader could only flee to the house of a family member after doing this first); now you can also ask about the vice president's character as well.
Review by tristanlongoria2
28 Nov 2016
I guess I am kind of being nice by giving it a 4------You completely avoided facts in certain parts yet in others you explained them in specific detail... but overal a good 4.

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