The Crash by Jordan

You are on your way to a friend's house in a helicopter, and crash next to a haunted mansion. You must find a phone to escape.

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Review by Auron Dimitri1
04 Apr 2004
The game is not horrible, yet there is nothing special here. I don't mind a short game, and at times even prefer them, but this seemed a bit too short; especially with the extreme simplicity of the puzzles. The objects around the house seemed there to only, well, be there; and they didn't help set the mood much, which is usually their use if they are not a key item.

The game tried, however, it had various glitches, spelling errors, and just lacked in length and content overall. Although not absolutley horrible, there is nothing breathtaking here.

Review by Dilly
11 Jan 2004
Yeah, it was too short. There was a couple of bugs in it, like when you walk into this one room, it just automatically restarts the game without telling you what happened and stuff like that.

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