ChepperLand by ScottStark

Experience first hand what it's like living inside of chepper land. You must make your own moral choices and decide whether you want to work for Johnny Cheese or Sheriff Pepper. Experience constant choices and kill or spare as many people as you wish. You are the judge. A secret path and ending is also available, but finding it is a puzzle. Good luck.

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Review by jessica12
23 Oct 2015
Scott poured months worth of his time into the creation of this game and because of that passion this game is easily one of the best I've played. I'm not much of a gamer but I had loads of fun playing Chepperland; so much fun that I'm saving the rest to play with my boyfriend. It's extremely intricate, the quests are quite adventurous, and the concept is very original and entertaining. The simple interface doesn't make me feel overwhelmed and most importantly leaves room for my own imagination. Sheriff Pepper could be a lanky, acne-ridden, trigger happy psycho or a meek and soft-spoken gentleman. Maybe he has a ridiculous purple sheriff's outfit. I can make the characters and the towns and different rooms look like anything I want in my mind. Less is more. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who finds anything I mentioned above even the slightest bit appealing. Five stars.

Review by Scott'sGameIsShit
23 Oct 2015
Far far away, in a land where there is no hope, talent or chance of success, exist a game named "chepperland".

First off I would like to point out the utter ridiculousness of the name. Which might seem interesting at first glance (assuming youre a semi-retarded 6 year old), but don't be deceived. After a couple more seconds, having the summary within view, you can quickly see the absolute lack of talent and originality that is the title of this supposed game.

I have very little to say in regards to the plot simply because it is un-structured, boring, and quite frankly a waste of the mere seconds it takes to explain.

Basically: the only way one could play chepper land is by 1) suffering from a severe mental illness 2) suffering from the guilt of your friend designing and urging you to play it and 3) well... There's really no other reason.

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