Shrunk in a Dorm by userDNE

You are suddenly shrunk in a college dorm. Can you survive your new life as a tiny?

- Unfinished Game I worked on for a month or so, there's quite a bit to it though! -

- Experiment with different status effects
- Every interaction has multiple endings
- Some people and rooms only appear after certain conditions or at certain times

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Review by btfrodgers22
24 Oct 2023
Absolutely fantastic story with my only real gripe being that it's not finished.

The girls all have fun interactions, even if you only get to spend a brief amount of time with them before you either reach an ending or they tell you to scram or else they'll kill you. Even when most of the endings result in death, it was still a fun romp to get through. The way that certain characters only appear after certain conditions are met, and can disappear just as fast does give a lot of life to the game. It makes it feel like these characters are moving around and aren't just static talk boxes that only act when you speak to them.

The experimentation with status effects was also fun, if a little bare bones. The way that certain status effects changed one or two interactions and lead to different endings was neat. However, again, with how bare bones they are, they don't really have that much impact beyond getting one different ending and much more could be done with them.

The game hasn't been updated in over 6 years, so I guess it's safe to say that we won't be getting an update in the future. It's a shame, because what is here is really good and could easily be expanded upon to be even better. Here's hoping?

Review by Weevers666
15 Jun 2023

Review by Joth
26 Dec 2022
This far, it is really good. All the girls are nice (Alexi being my favorite), and I hope to see further updates.

Review by Lrodshrek
21 Nov 2022
Dope game, really nice

Review by Carpincho
08 Jun 2022
good game continue

Review by Duskdraak
13 Aug 2020
Not bad, really hope it updates more in the future.

Review by rtbmcintosh
05 Oct 2019
I like the status effect thing that you have

Review by proveyed
06 Aug 2018
legemdary to this day, pls update

Review by necrom
30 Mar 2018
great start hope you continue working on this project

Review by snake bit
24 Jan 2018
It's a great game. Tell me when it's updated

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