Dragon Adventure BETA V0.33 by skeezehax

At 1069 lines of squiffycode and writing story, the first beta release of Dragon Adventure is live!

Begin your adventure as an egg, and work your way up to a dragony childhood (Or, if you're particularly intent, adulthood) in this Beta choose-your-own adventure game. You will play through the entirety of this game as a baby dragon on the prowl for a good dinner.

Keep an eye out for the official release of the full game, including:

* 3 new dragon types
* Dragon childhood! No longer an infant
* The life and times of a teenage dragon
* Dragon adulthood, featuring dragon battles!
* Cheat codes???
* And much, much more.

Review by DarkSkullComics
01 May 2016
Its ok but needs impruving

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