Star Trek: Tricannon by kadeship

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You are Captain Porter of the S.S. Cruiser. Your ship is the fastest ship in your fleet. You are one of the three ships sent on a mission. Your fleet is called Tricannon, due to the three ships with specialties in different areas. You are the most maneuverable ship, the second ship is titled the S.S. Enforcer, named for its high-energy lasers and triple-blast cannons. The third is titled the S.S. Defender, known for its six-foot thick energy-absorbing titanium, or Absortanium. The three of you have been flying together for years. Tricannon is an unstoppable force of destruction. Your mission is to locate a small convoy of Klingon transports that have been spotted entering Federation territory. You are to negotiate with them and solve the problem peacefully. History has shown the Klingons to be a touchy race. You are to negotiate the terms of the convoy's route. Good luck.

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Published 05 Feb 2015
Updated 30 Sep 2019