A Christmas Game by NecroDeath

It's Christmas Eve and you've still an awful lot to do. You better head into town and do some shopping.

This is a relaxed small(ish) text adventure in the classic parser style (but with a much wider vocabulary), and also with a modest attempt at humour! So pour yourself a glass of port, and get your thinking cap on.

UPDATE: This game has now been ported to Inform 7: http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/0icnxg-riu2proj5l4cs3a/a-christmas-game-inform-port

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Review by daeun
15 Feb 2024
Since you have another version of this game, I am giving this a lower score.

Review by Richard Headkid
01 May 2017
This is the first game by the creator of The Bony King of Nowhere (which you've already played, I'm sure).

I won't spoil much, but I'll tell you this: the pigeon is a wealth of knowledge! And hilarious, to boot!

Great laughs, good characters, and smart puzzles.

Review by Espley123
29 Mar 2017
I'd never played a text adventure game before this one, but since playing it I've become somewhat hooked on them.

I got involved by following a tweet while I was at work. Luckily it was the week leading up to Christmas, so it didn't matter too much that a vague sense of intrigue led to hours and hours over the next few days trying to solve it. Like I said, hooked!

The wit and humour within the game itself made me smile a lot. The level of difficulty struck a good balance between solvable (when you REALLY put your mind to it) and frustrating - I found it to be that kind of addictive frustration that keeps you coming back. It was only once I'd sketched out several maps, possibilities and decision trees in a notepad that I realised how immersed I'd become in the game's World.

Once you get into the swing of it the advice "do what you would do in real life" gets you a long way. I warn you now, the rushes of satisfaction that come with getting over a new hurdle become addictive. Make sure you've got some time set aside over the course of a few days in order to solve it, or your productivity at work is going to seriously dip!

A really enjoyable game.

25 Mar 2017
Good comfy game

Review by Regisblackgaard
03 Dec 2016
very representative of today.
also a very festive spirit, which is what i fell in love with.

Review by Janp1365
02 Dec 2016
I'm new to this kind of game but am really enjoying it - it's witty, clever, challenging, and I'm not going to die, apparently, although I am quite keen to drink the port I picked up ( not yet, I gather). The clever allusions are making me smile, and I'm finding it a tad frustrating - just enough to keep me going, not enough to make me give up ,as I am making progress - but mainly this just a very enjoyable, festive, fun pastime! Thank you for making and sharing it!

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