Innocent till proven by TimmyTomato

You awake in a Jail Cell.

You've no Idea why you're there, what you could have done. All you know is you need to escape.

Beta testing:
I have gone a little OTT with the coding. My aim was for the player to be able to use everything with everything else. If the generic "you can use it that way" message comes up, try reversing the objects. I'm unsure if this game going to be impossible for normal people. There are lots of hidden stuff (which is why I urge you to use everything with everything).. the game is a lot less fun if you don't find Kevin.

Note: once you leave your Jail Cell you cannot return.

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Review by ambermarie730
26 Oct 2016
Played for a little bit, seems like it might be fun, but the scenery doesn't change when you change it. For example, I grabbed the brick, and when I examined the wall again it told me there was a loose brick on the floor. Picking it up resulted in being told I already have it. Makes it much more difficult to play if you can't get a proper description of the surroundings. Commands have to be exact, for example : "Use key on door" "Open door" "Unlock door" didn't work, but "use key" did. Doesn't give me the option to pick up the flashlight and gun. When I try, it says I already have them. I finally got tired of all the things I "Can't Do" and gave it up. Needs work.

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