Life Choices (A Vore Read) by colorninja

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This is a story about a boy who's parents were killed in a village raid when he was young. You decide what occupation he chooses and grows up in, and you might just end up with a happy ending. Oddly enough, this boy has an attraction to mouths and where they lead, and it seems like many mouths are yearning for him as well.
For those who have vorarephilia... If you don't know what that is, I recommend you read about it before continuing.
(Beware, this has some hard vore as well.)
If you recognize me (or my username), you may have met me on Wattpad or Deviantart.
Also, this is assuming you are a boy... so if you're female, I guess pretend?


Demo V. 1.0: This is only a demo, so there's really only 6 (official) endings right now (three of hard v, one soft v, one of normal death, and one happy ending[unless you count the 'soft' v as happy as well!] and it should give you a taste of what I can do. But! I will continue working on this, so if you're interested, stay posted!

Demo V. 1.1: Okay, added a bit more. May be difficult to move around a little bit. It'll be a while before I update again, life's busy.

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Review by G0D0FDEATH99
18 Jun 2017
Good job. Maybe add some ub.

17 Apr 2016
Well written and good endings with luscious descriptions.

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