Gladiator|Legends Of Rome by ErnestJr

You are spawned in Ancient Rome when being a gladiator was the new up and coming.

Note that several decisions you make could be a matter of life and death or it could have an affect on your character's style.

"He has come to bring justice, the truth and to live his dream"

Compelled in Twine - Presented on Text Adventures
Review by General534
17 Jul 2016
It was very linear.

Had promise, but either I'm great at guessing or nothing you do makes any difference to whether you live or die.

Review by trulte123
21 May 2015
it was great funn

Review by bartolomeus
31 Jan 2015
Likes: overall format, menu layouts, text links, and the combat.
Some may want a graphic or sound here or there, but I personally like the game as is.
What is lacking is obvious--need to add more to the story and more characters to fight.
Look forward to playing your next installment.

Review by Forsakensoul1
17 Oct 2014
I really liked this game, it really makes you think about your decisions before you make them. One slight mistake and you die, no joke. It's got some interesting commentary, but it isn't amazing. The combat is this game's strong suit, and that's what it's all about anyway.

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