Bronze by Emily Short

When the seventh day comes and it is time for you to return to the castle in the forest, your sisters cling to your sleeves.
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Review by LittleStar
11 Oct 2018
I love this game! It has an amazing and realistic storyline that definitely won't leave players disappointed. The hints do help, and if you are really confused, there is always the walkthrough to fall back on. I really loved how you start to learn more about the history of the place through little memories. The relationship with the Beast and everything is quite bittersweet, but also realistic and loose ends are tied up nicely.

All in all, great game!

Review by the_ringmaster
22 Oct 2015
Really long and a bit frustrating at some places, but the hints and compass rose are a great plus with navigation. Also, I liked how it included a Novice Mode for players who are new to interactive fiction.

Love the storyline--- it reveals itself throughout the course of the game as you find a way to free the Beast and servants. The little snatches of dialogue and memories really develop the relationship between the player and the Beast, though the ending is a bit ambiguous.


Review by Jallarial
15 Jan 2015
Enjoyable game with a good emotional undercurrent. Has hints and navigation is easy, too!

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