Lord of the Rings by Olivia Tilson

A Lord of the Rings game!

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Review by Forest05
25 Nov 2015
There was no actual storyline and all the quotes are really cliché. You can't do anything but talk to people and go to random places in Middle Earth. Really boring. Non of your choices have any impact.

Review by Marzipan
28 Dec 2014
Like others have said, there's not much here. And what IS here is all pretty incoherent. There's no real plot, you just wander around and talk to people, one line of description for each 'page' and one line of dialogue for each character, directly lifted from the movies or books.

The pictures are decent but anyone can grab images off of Google.

In the end I just find myself wishing there was any original content at all here. The title would be a good place to start. I probably should have taken it as a bad sign that the author couldn't come up with one on her own.

Review by Sheldore
28 Dec 2014
It didn't have much to it so I'll give it a 2.

Review by Link6415
30 Mar 2014
I'll give it a 3. Like the comments stated, it's not anything special. But good try.

Review by cpw144
20 Jul 2013
boring, lots of errors

Review by Riley Wilson
05 Dec 2012
Not a lot of action.

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Written by
Olivia Tilson

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Written for Quest 5.2
Published 17 May 2012
Updated 17 May 2012

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