Pokemon Commander by mmZmmm

Welcome to the world of Pokemon Commander. You have been summoned by the elder of a tribe of creatures known as feeders to a world full of famished Pokemon. it is your job to guide this tribe to its ultimate goal of sacrifice to the myriad beasts of this land.

This is a public alpha; more of a proof of concept than anything right now.  That being said, Milo has over 6500 words of content just for himself! I wanted to release something physically before the first official update, which will include the forest.

Note: This game does feature digestion!

-Added Milo (OV, AV, CV, absorption, facesitting, fellatio)
-Added tutorial section
-Added zoo

-Adjusted Milo's pleasure levels/rewards
-Added berries you can feed to Pokemon for a small pleasure bonus
-Fixed some bugs

Shoutouts to
All my Patrons! 

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Review by Incognito582
11 Jan 2019
Great! Keep up the good work!

Review by Dark Phantomz
17 Dec 2018
This interactive book is Great! why don't you add a few more pokes form other peoples ideas, maybe add a death screen, add ways to escape when eaten, maybe add some pokes like : mew, gardevoir, lucario, audino, maybe even pikachu try thoughs? your choice but so far this seems to be going well.
thats why i give 5 stars

Review by supershadowevil
14 Aug 2018
Good start looking foreword to more from you.

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