Warriors Apprentice adventure by Txgirl2009

You are playing as Dewpaw, a female apprentice. Guide her as she turns in to a warrior, and maybe later, the leader of ThunderClan. This is my first game, please comment and tell me if there's something wrong or if mistakes have been made. If this goes well I may make one about Dewpaw's warrior life. Thank You Erin Hunters for writing the amazing Warriors series.

Note: This takes place in the old territory. I call the Sandy Hollow the Training Hollow.

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Review by Misterfox
18 May 2020
At the end you can't choose your name other then Dewfeather also at the beginning someone called you Dawnpaw. The battle was quite short also but other then that i loved it, there were lots of interesting bits to the game and i hope you make one where you are a warrior also, I liked how every page had a choice that was great!!! :D it's really good :D

Review by Shadowchaser
18 May 2020
its very short and theres barely any links...

Review by scarly woods
24 Feb 2020
I love it but I wish there were more choices and ones that mattered for my taste. I am currently writing a book myself on here. It is called warrior cats moon ray camp and it is not finished yet and I want to add a lot so it won't be finished for a while. If you cant find it by searching here is the link to the page please play and tell me what you think :). http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/y0vydyz_yeotyn8ckpvo0w/warrior-cats-game-moonray-clan

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