All That We Could Ever Be: a reincarnation [anti]romance by Canti

All That We Could Ever Be (formerly titled 'Reins') is about the climactic reunion at the end of a reincarnation romance.

ATWCEB is more of a word labyrinth than a game or a story; it's a wandering through the easily-distracted mind of something that's been alive for a very, very long time.

There are stories hidden here. Conversations. Confessions. Doubts, and certainties, and a certain sense of finality.
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Review by DragonWatchTower
23 Jul 2020
Lovely--fantastically poetic

Review by Ravenstar64
22 Sep 2016
Fabulous. I didn't really get what was going on though....

Review by Gurennyan
29 Feb 2016
It's such a well-written story! My only wish is for more detail about the characters themselves. It's interesting, but just so vague.

Review by ravenwings52
28 Apr 2015
Wow, I really like this.
The writing is amazing, and as you continue, the story begins to grow clearer.
It all clicks together, and you get a sense of understanding without really knowing anything at all.
It left me breathless.

Review by BurritoIncognito
18 Dec 2014
A very thoughtful piece of writing, that is more like art than literature. Quick to draw you in as a reader and holds you there until you've finished, and then you feel like you need to read back through it all to make sure you haven't missed anything. Beautiful storyline and written with power.

Review by jlee
20 Mar 2014
I don't normally like this kind of 'game', and I'm sure it isn't to everyone's tastes, but Reins is absolutely incredible. It's just a stunning piece of art; it's just so beautiful and moving. Some of the loops can be a little bit frustrating, but part of the beauty of the 'game' is finding everything - there isn't a single page that doesn't add to the depth and power of the story.

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